Friday, September 5, 2008

New Associate Dean and Assistant Dean Named at Touro Law

Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center is pleased to announce that Professor Louise Harmon has been named Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development, and Professor Tracy McGaugh has been named Assistant Dean for Academic Advising.

In her new capacity, Associate Dean Harmon will work closely with faculty members to assist them in research and in the publication of the resulting scholarship from that work. She will continue teaching classes at Touro Law Center.

“With the creation of this position, we now have an added focus on faculty development. The selection of Professor Harmon for this position will ensure that a senior faculty member with a distinguished record of scholarship will spend a significant amount of time on faculty research, scholarship and development and the related broader issues of academic affairs,” said Dean Lawrence Raful. “I believe this is an important step for Touro Law Center and am confident that the work and efforts of Associate Dean Harmon will showcase Touro Law in a new light by promoting and supporting our community of scholars.”

Assistant Dean McGaugh will work in the Student Services Office advising and counseling students on curriculum and other matters. She will collaborate with the Assistant Dean for Student Services and will continue to teach courses in legal process.

“Professor McGaugh is a perfect fit for this new position,” said Dean Lawrence Raful. “She is an authority in American legal education on Generation X and Millennials. Millennials are the generation of students born after 1982, who now comprise a significant portion of our student body. Her expertise will help her guide students through their law school experience at Touro Law.”

To read the full press releases, Click Here for Professor Harmon and Click Here for Professor McGaugh.

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